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Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

We use Pinnacle Faith-Based Curriculum Developed by ChildCare Education Institute.

Children will learn through varied centers such as:

Bible Focus and Large Group

Large Group is first thing in the morning and this sets a tone for the day. The children will cover:

Bible Focus is a time to highlight the daily Bible verse and story that illustrates it. This time is devoted to learning about God, Jesus and the Bible through:

Large Group and the Bible Center teaches children self-control, communication, socialization, listening skills, memorization and respect.


This center provides daily alphabet experiences and works on fine motor development. In this center children will:

Through this center letter recognition, vocabulary, communication, and early reading and writing skills are developed.

Music and Movements

This center focuses on movement as interaction with our surroundings, including music. Gross motor skills are developed at this center as children play games, march, dance, play instruments and use their bodies to perform these actions. This center is offered once a week alternating with our science center.

Science and Sensory

This center focuses on the senses. It allows the children to feel, smell, touch, hear and sometimes taste to explore the world around them. In this center the children will:

This center enforces social concepts of cooperative play and responsibility with explorations. It is a hands on center that teaches math, science and motor development by playing in sand, water, ice, playdough and shaving cream!

Dramatic Play

In this popular area children make headway in areas of social development, language and emotional development. In this center children will:

Imaginative play allows children to take on and explore new roles and to associate between real and the imagined.

Creative Arts

This center is all about learning the concepts of form, shape, line and color. Increased muscle control and development of both gross and fine motor skills are only a few of the benefits of the Creative Arts Center.

One of the greatest things about this center is the fact that when children create something here, it is lasting. Unlike a block tower or a finished puzzle, their creations and accomplishments are tangible. This creates that “I did it!” moment and a feeling of validation. By doing this, self-esteem is built one piece of artwork at a time.

This artwork is proudly displayed in the classroom throughout the unit. At the end of the year, the kids host an art show and spaghetti dinner for the entire school and church.


In this center children discover concepts like :

In this center children socialize and work together while developing motor skills and learning math concepts.

Math and Manipulatives

This center builds pre-math skills. Children work together in small groups or individually with:

This center builds counting skills, number recognition, ordering, patterns, shapes and comparisons.

Outside Time

When it is warm and dry enough the children go to an onsite enclosed playground.

Outside time is not daily but is routinely incorporated with other activities such as our Science and Sensory center time.

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