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The Learning Ark Curriculum

Reading Center

  • This center exposes children to the concepts of print
    • Front and back of book
    • Which page comes first
    • Tracking left to right
  • Literature enhances language development and the more children “read” and are read to, the greater language skills they develop.
  • Guests are introduced throughout the year to read to the children and for the children to “read” to them.
  • The children are provided opportunities for storytelling utilizing puppets and felt boards

Science & Sensory

  • This center allows children to feel, smell, touch, hear and sometimes taste as they explore their world with items such as Jello blocks, cinnamon applesauce playdough, pitched bells and making butter.
  • Measuring, pouring, discovering physical properties and volumes are all aspects of this center which we use with magnets, measuring the heights of penguins, mixing colors, exploring the properties of cranberries and weighing pumpkins.
  • This small, hands-on area enforces the social concepts of cooperative play and responsibility with explorations in our sand/water table, growing and caring for plants, observing and caring for live animals (Class fish and butterflies).
  • Math, science and motor development are all added benefits of learning in this sand, water, ice, playdough and shaving cream environment!

Dramatic Play

    • In this popular area, children make great headway in areas of language, social and emotional development.
    • Imaginative play allows children to take on and explore new roles and to associate between real and the imagined.
    • Learning to function in a group, take turns and play cooperatively are out comes for children who master this center.
    • A variety of environments are introduced through this center such as:
      • Shoe store
      • Candy store
      • Pet store
      • Farm
      • Post office
      • Pizza restaurant
      • Circus
      • Space Camp
      • Outdoor environments: raking leaves, building snowmen, snowball fight, day at the beach

Creative Arts

  • While playing in this area, children learn the concepts of form, shape, line and color.
  • They gain increased muscle control and develop both gross and fine motor skills.
  • One of the biggest benefits of this center is the fact that when they create something here, it is lasting, not like a block tower or finished puzzle. Children need to have their accomplishments and creations become tangible so that they have that “I did it!” feeling validated. This builds self-esteem, one piece of artwork at a time!
  • Artwork is displayed in the classroom throughout the unit and at the end of the year, the kids host an art show/ spaghetti dinner for the entire school and church.


  • Blocks Center
    • This area helps children learn math concepts like proportion, size, shape, perimeter and area.
    • Children also discover concepts like cause and effect, gravity and problem solving.
    • The block area is also a great place for children to socialize and work together while developing motor skills.
    • A variety of materials are provided throughout the year to encourage different interactions.

Math & Manipulatives

  • This center is designed to build fine motor control, spatial awareness, eye-hand coordination, problem solving skills and social interaction.
  • Children work together in small groups or individually with puzzles that challenge, lacing cards that teach, matching cards that reinforce and games that build math skills.
  • This center builds pre-math skills such as counting, number recognition, ordering, patterns, shapes and comparisons.


  • This area develops letter recognition, vocabulary, communication, and early reading skills.

    • Alphabet experiences are provided daily.

    • Early writing skills are a key component of this center.

    • A variety of tactile and interactive tools are utilized to increase engagement with all students.

      • Sand trays

      • Stamps

      • Magnets

      • Alphabet Blocks

Music & Movement

  • This center focuses on movement as interaction with our surroundings-including music.

  • Gross motor skills are developed as children play games and instruments, dance, march and use their bodies to complete actions.

  • This center is offered once a week, alternating with our Science Center.

Bible & Groups

  • Bible Focus and Morning Group

    • This large group activity helps establish the pattern for the day with the “Daily Routine” which covers:

      • Daily calendar

      • Weather discussion

      • Weekly theme interactions

      • Class “Job” assignments

    • Bible Focus is a time to highlight our daily Bible verse and story that illustrates it. This time is devoted to learning about God, Jesus, and the Bible thru:

      • Stories

      • Songs

      • Fingerplays

      • Question and answer sessions

      • Prayer time

    • Learning self-control, communication, socialization, listening skills, memorization, and respect are all aspects of group time

Outside Time

      • We have a completely enclosed playground that can be utilized when warm and dry enough.

      • Outside time is not a daily activity but is routinely incorporated with other activities such as our Science and Sensory center time.

      • Provided the weather cooperates, we can implement an “unplanned” outside time on any given day, as needed!